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Injury Prehabilitation



Injuries can not always be avoided but reducing there occurrence is a great benefit. Prehabilitation involves identifying areas that maybe at risk and reducing this through a tailored strength & conditioning program. Massage and k-taping can also be used to reduce injury risk.

At Lightspeed Sport Recovery individuals are assessed to identify any areas that might benefit from being strengthened and a program is then developed that is targeted towards your needs and sport. It is possible to run injury prevention sessions for teams or groups.
For more information or to discuss your situation please contact Lightspeed Sports Recovery.

Injury rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is the process an athlete goes through to become injury free. It can encompass many techniques to help achieve optimum fitness for the injured athlete. It is tailored to the individual and your specific requirements. Rehabilitation may include the use of ice/heat, k-taping, Massage, stretching, mobility and strength exercises in a progressive manner.

If you are suffering from an injury or even a small niggle why not book in for a consultation or contact Lightspeed Sports Recovery to discuss your individual case and start the road to an efficient recovery that will allow you to get back to your sport fitter, faster and stronger.



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