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K-taping (Kinesiology)


Kinesiology tape or k-tape can be used as a protective and rehabilitative taping technique.

The tape is latex free and hypoallergenic so should not cause irritation. It can be showered in and is resistant to sweat.

The tape is elastic and supports normal ranges of movement and muscle actions, allowing people to continue with daily activities and sport.

It assists and improves the bodies natural healing process.

Types of taping offered by Lightspeed Sports Recovery


Symptom reduction taping- this is used when there is pain on movement. It will help reduce pain, stiffness, tightness and weakness as well as supporting joints.

Odema control taping- would be used for acute traumatic swelling, sub-acute or chronic swelling, lymphoedema and allodynia

Postural control taping- this is used to help re-train correct posture. It acts as a gentle reminder to individuals.

Power taping- this is unique to Rocktape. It uses the philosophy of anatomy trains and aims to promote neuromuscular function of movement along myofascial lines. This could help to increase flexibility, reduce fatigue and athletic performance.

Lightspeed Sports Recovery use Rocktape, one of the leading brands and also offers a number of designs and colours to fit your preference.


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